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Kit- Cub Kitchen Concept | iCreatived For those who are willing to have a modular kitchen but are unable to afford it because of the price can now take use of the cubed kitchen that will surely suit your requirements. It is in form of cubicles and has place to store everything starting from microwave to a small fridge.Along with this, it even has a sink that will help in recycling of water that is used.

This attention to quality, durability, and modern design is evident in every single sofa you'll find in the Wayfair collection. From classic Chesterfields to modern upholstered settees, to functional sofabeds, an investment in craftmaster sofas is wonderful and well-worth-it. Shop the Wayfair collection today. Casino Sofa | Lammhults Casino Seating | Apres Furniture Casino Sofa is an elegant two seater sofa that will give a sophisticated look to the reception or waiting area at your office. Find Lammhults Casino seating on Apres Furniture. CRISSCROSS — Reusable Modular Furniture Kits Forget everything you know about flat-pack furniture. CRISSCROSS is designed to be quick, easy and dare we say fun! Let's make moving exciting again.

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Нехватка места нас часто расстраивает и толкает на поиск новых решений этой извечной проблемы. И в 21 веке модно делать мебель трансформер и использовать её по всему дому. Дизайн этой удивительной мебели был сделан Пауком Мэтью и имеет письменный стол... Urban understanding: Slot sofa by Matthew Pauk. It is designed by Matthew Pauk and is known as the Slot sofa. It combines the Ottoman, drinks table and a comfy sofa that seemsThe clever thing is that the designer has really understood how sofas are actually used; from TV dinners to chilling out with a glass of wine and an intimate chat with friends. Slot Sofa par Matthew PAUK

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Modular Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk - Homeli Modular Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk While not modular in the strictest sense, I think the Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk definitely deserves a place in our modular furniture week. As the series of pictures above show, the Slot sofa features a sliding table which runs on tracks between the gaps that would normally exist between the cushions on typical ... Slot Sofa on Behance Slot is a dynamic furniture piece. The sofa system finds new value and diverse functionality by blending the sofa, coffee table, and ottoman. It utilizes the common constructional gaps found between the cushions of the sofa by converting them into tracks for which the table can slide in and out. When slotted, the table acts as a console. Slot Machines Belfast - Slot Sofa By Matt Pauk - Stellest

Designer Matthew Pauk's Slot Sofa features a slide-out coffee table and footrests that all but disappear into the couch when you need more space in your living room. Designer Matthew Pauk design a sofa, coffee table sliding from which extends for small units, and in time of need can be retracted to save space.

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100 Nostalgic Tetris-Inspired Designs -

Juno 4 Seater Modular Sofa, Marl Grey . ... at a fairer price, and we don’t overproduce. It’s worth waiting for. ... Coming from a musical family, Matt was encouraged creatively from a young age, but how to channel it? Through furniture design. He honed his craft at UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design by studying Furniture Design ... Sofas - Ireland